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Ultra Slim TV Brackets

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There are so many different types of ultra slim TV wall brackets available that it can open up a whole new world of wall mounting possibilities. And, one of the best places to check out the different types of wall brackets for ultra slim televisions is Intec Brackets, which takes immense pride in making high quality brackets available for consumers at competitive prices.

Types of Wall Brackets for Ultra Slim Televisions

Browsing through the Intec Brackets website, a buyer will be able to check out all types of ultra slim fit TV bracket. These brackets can range from the standard fixed wall brackets to the tilting and cantilever arm brackets.
The fixed wall bracket is perhaps the most commonly used ultra slim tv bracket. It keeps the TV about an inch from the wall. As the name suggests, this type of bracket does not allow the viewer to change the viewing angles. Hence, care should be taken when mounting the bracket, so that the best viewing angle is available. These brackets are slim and complement the thin profile of an ultra slim TV. In fact, the fixed wall bracket can make such a television look like a picture when it is mounted on the wall.
Intec Brackets recommend using tilting wall brackets for mounting high-definition ultra slim televisions above eye level. These brackets can be used comfortably in a bedroom, where most individuals watch television lying on the bed. Tilting wall brackets allow vertical adjustment of the television and if it comes with a swivel mechanism, then the side-to-side adjustment is also possible, ultra slim tv wall brackets are essential for not allowing the tv to get in the way. Not only can the viewer adjust the viewing angle, they can even do away with glare and reflections when needed.
The cantilever arm bracket is quite versatile, as it lets the viewer swing the TV from side to side, thereby allowing better viewing from many different angles. As the cantilever arm bracket can be extended away from the wall, it is best suited for an ultra slim TV that range from small to medium size. It has all the benefits available in tilting and swivelling brackets.

Ultra Slim TV Brackets UK 

Thankfully, the Intec Brackets website is well-organised and it is easy to find wall brackets for ultra slim televisions at this website. Using the bracket finder on the website allows a buyer to find the right bracket for a specific television. By selecting the TV manufacturer and the size of the TV screen, a buyer can easily check out the different types of ultra slim TV wall brackets that will be able to safely mount their TV. Buyers also have the option of searching for wall brackets by VESA size. By selecting the appropriate VESA size, a buyer can get a list of all the wall brackets that would be suitable for their ultra slim television.

Why Use Intec Brackets?

Besides the fitting guarantee, Intec Brackets offers quality ultra slim fit TV brackets as well as more, at reasonable prices, making it one of the most affordable online retailers of TV brackets in the United Kingdom. And, the free next day delivery to UK mainland makes buying TV brackets from Intec Brackets even more attractive.