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When you want to mount your television on the wall of you home, rather than use a stand, selecting the correct slim TV bracket can be a bit of a problem. Different manufacturers have their own systems and you also need to take into account the size of you flat screen television that you wanted setup with a slim tv mount, not to mention the weight. If you have invested your hard earned money into a liquid crystal display screen or a plasma TV, you will want to show it off in the best way possible. So, do not be tempted to buy the first mounting system you see and spend a little time working out what options you have.
Wall mounting your flat screen creates a sleek and sophisticated look which will add to your viewing pleasure. Always select a flat TV wall bracket so that the television does not stand proud of the wall. Make your slim television lie as flat as possible against the wall so it looks like a picture that has been hung. Television brackets that are bulky make the TV stick out, which means they can be more easily knocked into causing damage, unlike when using a slim TV bracket.
Many think that a flat to wall TV bracket will not allow them to alter the position of their television set. However, this is not necessarily the case and there are plenty of brackets that are available which allow for swivelling and tilting whilst still remaining slim. Being able to retain a tilting television, whilst mounting it close to the wall, is a big advantage if your room has changing light conditions. A wall mounted TV can sometimes catch unwanted sunlight, particularly at dusk. By using a slim tv mount, tilting your television you can mitigate for this problem without having to draw the curtains in.
Equally, there are plenty of slim tv brackets for televisions that allow the screen to be swivelled. By moving the screen so it can face all parts of a room it can offer you a great deal of flexibility for viewing. Swivelling brackets are, therefore, ideal for bedrooms, where you don’t always have a seat directly facing the screen. Nevertheless, being able to push the TV back against the wall neatly still remains desirable so, you should purchase a flat TV bracket.
Of course, the availability of a swivelling and tilting bracket, that still offers a slim fit, will depend on the manufacturer of your television. However, specialist makers of slim brackets have the correct sort of mounting system for nearly all televisions. A good idea is to call intecbrackets.co.uk. All you have to do is inform them of the make, model and dimensions of your TV and they will be able to let you know which out of the wide range of flat tv wall bracket is best suited to your TV.
Nowadays flat TV wall bracket are available to purchase that are barely detectable when the television is properly installed. These flat to wall TV brackets are even suitable for large televisions, including 60 inch screens. The slimmest of these systems have a clearance of just 10 mm away from the wall. Only a specialist supplier will be able to offer you all the available options.