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Weight ratings for TV brackets

Weight ratings for TV Brackets

Flat screen TVs are expensive and desirable pieces of home electronics and when it come as to fitting them to the wall you naturally want to 100% certain they are properly fitted and aren’t likely to come off!

Equally there is no point in screwing a cheap and inferior TV Bracket to the wall only to find it breaks or droops as it isn’t strong enough.   We are committed to only selling high quality, reliable and expertly engineered TV brackets – ones that we are delighted to fit in our own homes and in our friends and families too.

Every single one of our TV brackets has been tested and is guaranteed to specific weight limits which we publish in the information section by each of the wall mounts so when you come to choose you know exactly what you’re getting.

As a good rule we think it is wise to always work so that the weight of your screen only ever reaches 2/3rds of the maximum weight the TV bracket is capable of carrying.  This is just us playing safe and applying common sense.    We do know for sure that the construction of our TV brackets is outstanding with 2mm steel providing excess strength but not everyone’s walls are in perfect condition and therefore we recommended the 2/3rds rule as good working practice.

You’ll find just about all our products for medium and large TVs are certified for between 50 and 80Kgs, which normally give in excess of 50% safety, which of course is a good and desirable thing.

On small screens these are very often under 10Kgs in weight and are easily carried by the range of TV brackets designed for lighter applications.

In summary, please check the manufacturers specifications for your model of TV to confirm the weight, then check the TV bracket you buy is designed to carry a third more – so if your TV is 24 kgs your wall mount needs to hold at least 36Kgs.   If you wish to install an extendable or cantilever arm model do check the help sheets for these models and likewise if installing on stud or block-work walls check our help sheets for those too.

If there is any doubt please feel free to email us and we’ll resolve quickly and easily.

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