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How do I install my TV Bracket?

Introduction to fitting tilt and tiltable brackets

Without doubt this is most popular type of TV bracket and we often get asked the best way to go about fitting them; so we wrote this short guide - we hope you find it useful.

To start open the TV bracket or TV wall mount box and check all the contents are there. You should find:-

1 large steel wall back plate
2 "arms" that screw into the back of the TV
a full set of screws, bolts, wall-plugs, washers and spacers
and of course detailed instruction

Getting started:

The first thing you need to do is establish if you have brick or block wall or whether you have plasterboard or stud walls. These brackets fit all types of wall, just scroll down to find the right one.

In all cases though you will need:

- a sheet to catch any dust from drilling
- a drill with a masonry drill fitted or of course a wood drill if you have stud walls
- a level so the TV fits squarely
- A good sized screwdriver
- and you will also need a cable-finder and pipe finder so you don't drill into them accidentally. Please double check before drilling that there are no pipes or cables anywhere near where you are drilling!

Brick and block walls:

1. Decide exactly where the TV is to be positioned and mark the wall in the centre of where you want the TV to fit.

2. Then take the wall plate and centre it over the mark you made in stage 1 and when level carefully mark the 6 fixing points through the TV bracket back plate onto the wall. (note you may find it easier to mark just 1 x corner hole position and drill and fit that one first and then do the others as this provides a more reliable method for getting it exactly level)

3. Drill the fixing holes to the required length

4. Insert the plastic wall plugs into the drill holes and then fit the wall plate using the bolts provided and do up tightly.

5. Vacuum up any mess!

6. Next you need to fit both the arms on your flat screen TV. Firstly check which of the supplied fiting bolts is the right width for your tv and then having done that choose the most appropraite length bolt.  Washers are provided and can used if required. The optional spacers can be installed between the TV and the arms to give greater fitting depth for better cable access if needed.

7. You might need two people here if your TV is big, as you need to lift the TV with the arms still attached onto the back plate.

8. Almost there .. now connect the various input, output and power leads.

9. Switch on the TV and move the tilt adjustment on the TV bracket until you get the right angle for the best viewing .. Job done!

Stud/Plasterboard wall fitting:

It's the same process as above but with one important point to ensure you comply with.

TVs are heavy and you must safely and securely fit the TV bracket so it screws into at least two upright wooden studs that run vertically behind the plasterboard at each end of the bracket. Our TV brackets are immensely strong so as long as you comply with this they will happily hold the TV. On no account secure the TV bracket to just the plasterboard unless the TV weighs less than 15kg and you use our specialist "expandette plasterboard fitting

Dry lined / Dot & Dab wall fitting:

These were once difficult but can now easily overcome using specialist "rigifix" fixings - these are incredibley strong and are straighforward to install.  Highly recommended and a cheap & effective solution for mounting TV brackets or other heavy items.

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