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How do I choose a TV bracket?

We know that many people are a bit confused when faced with the decision that they want to mount their TV onto the wall. Why are they a little unsure?, well we think it's because there is lots of jargon and complexity around the subject and therefore this makes it more confusing than it need be - hence this guide to assist in choosing which TV bracket might be right for you.

TV brackets as sold in high shops are very expensive and often you feel pressured to buy as part of a package when buying a new TV. You shouldn't be and we're set up to sell you the right TV bracket for your TV at a much friendlier price.

Navigating your way around the TV bracket maze is actually nowhere near as hard as you think so here goes!

  1. Think about where the TV will go on the wall. If it is directly in front of where you want to be sitting and you don't want to move the TV then you probably only need a basic Flat TV bracket and if that is the case stick with that as they are less costly.
  2. If your TV is going to mounted higher on the wall than your eye-line then you'll need the tilting type of TV bracket which as it says, allows you to tilt the TV so it can be in line with your vision and that way you will get the optimum picture.
  3. If you want to fit the TV into a corner or you need to move it out off the wall so it reaches out into the room choose a swivel and arm TV bracket. These are the most flexible wall mount brackets although they are often heavy to safely support your valuable TV and aren't in all cases suitable for mounting where you have plasterboard or stud walls. (see our separate fitting guide for full details).
  4. Next decide if you prefer black or silver finish for your bracket and remember if you want to match the wall colour exactly they're easy to paint or spray.
  5. Match the size of your TV to the TV bracket. These are clearly detailed and on our website you can easily search by size of TV and type of bracket to make selection even easier.
  6. Lastly as a double check measure the width apart of the fixing holes on the rear of your TV and ensure they are less than the maximum width the particular TV bracket can accommodate. All specifications are on the site.

That's about it. We're always around to answer any questions and queries and trust this short guide has been useful.

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