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Fitting TV brackets & mounts to Thermolite and block walls

Thermolite Blocks and fitting TV brackets – Are there any problems?

In the old days every wall in every house was pretty much made of brick.

Bricks are strong and when fitting things like TV brackets or kitchen cabinets to them you know they are safe and they can take the weight.

More modern houses used breeze blocks and more recently you will often find “Thermolite” blocks. These are good for building with as they’re big, fairly light and strong enough for walls.

When it comes to fixing your new TV bracket though they can cause problems that it’s best to be aware up-front.

Generally speaking if your TV bracket is fitted with a tilting facility or if it’s one than mounts flat and your TV is under 30Kgs you should simply go ahead and install the TV wall bracket exactly as it says on the instructions by drilling the wall, inserting wall plugs and screwing up tightly – but do not over tighten as you risk breaking the blocks around the screws holes. Also remember to go carefully with the drill – a too small a hole can be made bigger but if you use too big a drill you won’t be able to make it smaller!

When it comes to those nice arm, cantilever motion TV brackets where you can swing the TV out from off the wall you need to go carefully. When extended these wall mounts exert great leverage on the bracket (not an issue as immensely strong) and on the wall (not so good as Thermolite blocks can crumble).

As a good guide it your set is less than 15 Kgs you should be fine as long as follow the instructions and you don’t make the drill holes too big. If your flat screen TV weighs more than this or you make the drill holes too big we would recommend fitting the bracket to the wall with special Thermolite fixings. These often use an epoxy glue that is inserted into the drill hole before the screw and the glue penetrates the block to form a fantastically strong fixing. These are readily available from builders merchants or on line and if in doubt we’d always recommend using them as an extra few £ is much better spent now that later if your wall isn’t strong enough.

As in all cases this is our opinion of what we’ve found works best but you should satisfy yourself that your wall is strong enough before mounting you TV bracket and mounting your expensive TV.

Any questions though do please email us and we’ll try to help

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