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Fitting flush flat TV brackets

Introduction to fitting flat and flush brackets

This type of TV bracket is just about the simplest to fit being very straightforward and easy to install. Fixing it to the wall and to the TV is well within the capability of any DIY-er.

We have produced this short guide to help our customers understand before they buy and to give help if anyone is stuck.

Fitting to a brick or block wall

First gather together the tools you are going to need to fit the TV bracket

- a dust sheet

- spirit level

- drill with appropriate masonry drill

- screwdriver

- a pipe and cable finder to ensure you don't drill into them!

When you're got the tools together open up the TV wall bracket box and take out the longer horizontal wall plate(s) and holding them up to the wall mark through the fixing points with a pencil for the 6 drill holes you are going to make to fit the back plate(s) to the wall. Ensure this is level.

When you have successfully marked the drill hole positions ensuring of course that there are no pipes or cables running where you want to drill, drill into the wall to the required distance to hold the supplied wall plugs and fixing bolts.

Next insert the 6 wall plugs and screw up the back plate(s) to the wall ensuring everything is level and securely tightened.

You should now position your TV face down on a soft surface and fix the two "arms" to the back of the TV using the supplied washers, spacers and bolts to best suit your model of TV. When secure lift the TV up and hook the arms over the wall plate and do up the securing Allen bolts using the key provided.

You are now ready to connect the cables to the TV and once done you have successfully and safely installed your TV bracket.

Tip: If you the space is too tight to fit the cables you may find it preferable to do this stage before you hook the TV over the wall plates.

Fitting to a stud or plasterboard wall

When fitting your TV bracket in these circumstances it is vital to ensure your secure the wall back plate(s) to at least two of the upright wooden studs behind the plasterboard.

You can locate these either by using an electronic stud-finder or trial and error using a small nail.

If your studs are widely spaced or the TV bracket is narrow as often is the case when fittings involve small screen sized TVs, you will need to install an extra stud attached to the existing ones or use a TV wall bracket for the next bigger size of TV that will span the required gap.

All our TV wall brackets and wall mounts give the full product specifications so you can be certain you are ordering the correct item.

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