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Extendable swivel arm TV bracket assembly

Hints and tips for TV bracket assembly – extendable arm models ITB3/ITB2 or ITB 4

All our products come with a comprehensive set of fittings and fixings to cover 99.9% of all eventualities as well as set of easy to follow instructions in English with pictures of the stages involved.

We sell the very popular series ITB3 model of TV bracket which can be combined with the ITB2 for large sets over 37” or alternatively combined with the ITB4 model for medium size TVs ranging from 23” up to 37”. Both are fully featured within the tilt and swivel sections of our website so you can see the full specifications.

This short guide should be read in supplement to the main instructions within the TV bracket boxes and is provided to give additional help should it be needed.

Firstly these brackets are heavy at around 11.0kgs each so do make sure your walls are strong enough and while they can be fitted to all wall types we prefer to fit them to brick walls due to the leverage exerted when fully extended.

When you take delivery you will receive the TV bracket in a single outer box, open it and inside will be the ITB3 box which contains the section that mounts to the wall as well as the ITB2/4 box which has the part that fits onto the back of the TV in it.

Our preferred method of working is to take the ITB 3 out of the box mark the 6 drill holes in the wall where the bracket will be fitted before fitting the second part of the bracket – it is just less cumbersome, ensuring you are perfectly level and there are no cables or pipes in the vicinity.

When the holes have been drilled, next fit the main long steel plate from the other box to the to ITB 3 TV bracket using the 6 supplied nuts and bolts. When completed then screw the whole assembly to the wall and adjust as necessary to ensure it is level – then do up tightly.

Once this is done just fit the bars to the rear of the TV and lift the TV onto the wall mounted bracket and do up.  If you experience any problems or aren’t sure do email or telephone us.

Definitely not more than a 45 minutes job and when done you’ll have one of the most flexible, strong and extendable arm type wall mount TV brackets there is.

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