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Common problems and issues with TV brackets

Common problems and issues with TV brackets

It seems that most products and industry’s have their fair share of problems and issues although we’re very pleased to say the products we sell cause very problems and therefore help make our life less complicated and help ensure our customers a fully satisfied with the product.

There is however the occasional hiccup and we thought it might be helpful to share our experiences and therefore give prospective customers the benefit of our knowledge up-front before they order.

Firstly faulty products

To date we’ve sold over 5,000 TV brackets and we’ve only had 2 faulty ones (replaced immediately) and 3 where the box of fittings was missing (sorted next day by a new set) – so you’ve very safe ordering from us and if by chance anything is amiss we guarantee to sort – fast!

The TV bracket won’t fit my set.

Because all of our products are properly listed and carry full details of all the sizes this happens extremely rarely.  If you have measured in millimetres how wide the fitting holes are and checked this against the bracket it will never happen!

If you’ve made a mistake no problem – just return and we will happily replace

LG and Philips TVs

They are very good TVs but on these models where the TV is 37” or greater you must double check that they do not have extra wide fitting hole measurements.  Around 5% of these TVs need our super wide 800 x 400 VESA fitting.  All not an issue but worth checking and if in doubt do please email.

Stud Walls

These are very good for insulation but not great if you want to fit one of our tilting, swivel, extending arm TV brackets, because these with a TV attached are very heavy and if fitting to a stud wall this needs careful planning.
Do read the separate help notes for fitting onto stud walls.  It can be done but not in every case!
Other types of TV bracket are much more straightforward but do please check the help notes first.

Very close fitting flat or flush TV brackets

In our opinion these are very good but before you order you need to carefully plan out whether such a close fit to the wall will allow you to connect up the HDMI, power leads and all the other cables.
Our flat TV brackets fit your TV just 30mm from the wall for a fantastic look, but check the above first.
Handy hint:  When fitting the cables you might find it easier to fit them to the TV first and then fit the TV onto the wall back plate.  Alternatively you might find it easier to pivot the TV on the top fitting of the bracket only and then when the cables are successfully fitted hook it over the bottom section and then tighten the securing bolts.

We’ll add to this list as and when we come across anything else that might be useful and no email or telephone us if you’re a question – It’s very, very rare we haven’t got a solution!

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