Welcome in the New Year with the IB-610B-400.

Welcome in the New Year with the IB-610B-400.

As expected our web traffic picked up during the Christmas period but to our surprise the key search terms were model specific for new smart TV’s by leading brands Samsung, LG and Panasonic. If you’ve just bought a new smart TV we are happy to tell you that the TV bracket which sold very well during our Christmas period was the IB-610B-400.

With a busy 2012 behind us we are now looking forward to an exciting new year ahead.

Despite predictions for no real change to the current economic climate, TVs and TV brackets still remain a must have home accessory. This year has been a very successful year for us therefore we’ve decided to pass on the buck to our customers! This January you can save up to 70% on our January sale. If that wasn’t enough we’ve now decided to chuck in a 3meter high quality HDMI lead with every best seller bracket you purchase! (“,)

With ever changing designs, TVs look set to become larger, thinner and smarter with improved image quality via Ultra HDTV also known as 4K technology. On top of this the rumour mill is overflowing with news that industry titans Apple are looking to enter the TV market at some point during 2013. Our research and development team are keeping their ears to the ground; as soon as we have the fitting specifications confirmed we will design an Apple TV bracket for our Apple fans!

With the trend leaning towards more brushed aluminium and white coloured TVs we have some very exciting new brackets just in! The IB141W White TV bracket!! For those venturing out into 4K! We understand the full benefits of this technology is most notable on the 65” TV’s and over – Well fear not we have a super strong IB89B which will mount your TV perfectly onto the wall – if however a Swivel and tilting TV bracket is not what you are after then why not take a look at our IB29TB Tilting TV bracket – you will not be disappointed.

For now, from all the team here at Intecbrackets we wish you a very Happy New Year

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