Hdmi - Confusing cables!

Confused by which Hdmi cable you need - worried whether its 1.3 or 1.4, what ethernet is and whether they will work for 3D?    Worry no more as we've taken all the hassle out of finding the right Hdmi cable for your equipment.

The high street shops know how to charge for even the most basic cable and on Hdmi cables charge a small fortune often under the guise of confusing the customer. At Intecbrackets we say no to this nonsense and offer 2 straightforward solutions at a fair and reasonable price.

For all normal uses including latest 3D TVs you need the latst HDMi 1.4 specification cables and to ensure good connectivity choose one with gold plated connectors, decent shielding and high quality internal construction. Naturally our 1.4 specification cables are exactly this and unless you have a specific requirement to use something else these are a very good choice for all installations.

For anyone who wants the very best cablesuitable for very top end TVs you should choose the metal braided premium series - these are the highest grade of cable available

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