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  • Understanding VESA

      All about VESA If you are going to put a flat screen TV or computer monitor on the wall then you’ll almost certainly have come across the term VESA. Not surprisingly therefore if you are interested in buying a TV bracket then you’ll equally come across its use both... Read more

  • Weight ratings for TV brackets

      Weight ratings for TV Brackets Flat screen TVs are expensive and desirable pieces of home electronics and when it come as to fitting them to the wall you naturally want to 100% certain they are properly fitted and aren’t likely to come off! Equally there is no point in sc... Read more

  • Extendable swivel arm TV bracket assembly

      Hints and tips for TV bracket assembly – extendable arm models ITB3/ITB2 or ITB 4 All our products come with a comprehensive set of fittings and fixings to cover 99.9% of all eventualities as well as set of easy to follow instructions in English with pictures of the stages in... Read more

  • Fitting flush flat TV brackets

      Introduction to fitting flat and flush brackets This type of TV bracket is just about the simplest to fit being very straightforward and easy to install. Fixing it to the wall and to the TV is well within the capability of any DIY-er. We have produced this short guide to help o... Read more

  • Fitting TV Brackets to stud walls and plasterboard

    How do I go about mounting my TV bracket onto a stud wall? A potentially frustrating issue that we occasionally come across is around plasterboard stud walls and the problems they present when it comes to successfully mounting a TV bracket. In summary stud walls are really good for insula... Read more

  • Fitting TV brackets & mounts to Thermolite and block walls

      Thermolite Blocks and fitting TV brackets – Are there any problems? In the old days every wall in every house was pretty much made of brick. Bricks are strong and when fitting things like TV brackets or kitchen cabinets to them you know they are safe and they can take the... Read more

  • Common problems and issues with TV brackets

      Common problems and issues with TV brackets It seems that most products and industry’s have their fair share of problems and issues although we’re very pleased to say the products we sell cause very problems and therefore help make our life less complicated and help ens... Read more

  • Fitting swivel arm swing TV Brackets

      Fitting swivel, arm, swing TV brackets With the cost of these deluxe TV brackets coming down in recent years they have become incredibly popular as they give excellent versatility and add to the viewing pleasure in just about every situation. That said they are often quite heav... Read more

  • Fitting Tilting TV wall brackets

      Introduction to fitting tilt and tiltable brackets Without doubt this is most popular type of TV bracket and we often get asked the best way to go about fitting them; so we wrote this short guide - we hope you find it useful. To start open the TV bracket or TV wall mount box an... Read more

  • Choosing your TV bracket

    We know that many people are a bit confused when faced with the decision that they want to mount their TV onto the wall. Why are they a little unsure?, well we think it's because there is lots of jargon and complexity around the subject and therefore this makes it more confusing than it need... Read more