Philips and Sharp 2013 TV model numbers now uploaded Check out the IB40-400 Ultra Slim TV Wall Bracket

Philips and Sharp 2013 TV model numbers now uploaded onto Intecbrackets – Find the perfect TV Wall bracket using our bracket finder, our suggestion - buy the IB40-400 Ultra slim TV wall bracket!

We’ve just gone through all the leaflets we collected from the 2013 Las Vegas show we attended – we spent many hours reading through each leaflet and double checked each product description to ensure it fits our wide range of ultra slim/swivel and tilt TV wall brackets.

As always we are happy to say we haven’t run into any fitting issues for the latest 2013 TV’s. If you’re thinking of buying a 3D LED TV then be sure to check out the latest Sharp TV’s. With a super slim design it’s a perfect match for an ultra slim IB40-400 TV bracket.

If you find the TV you just bought has the connections facing straight out of the back of the TV then not to worry we have specialised fittings to ensure you have enough space to plug in all you’re cables safely into the TV.

You may have noticed that the majority of all TV’s now are Smart TV’s which  may have the option of adding an Ethernet cable for the internet at the rear of TV so don’t forget to take this into account as swell as the power lead and the hdmi lead.

But the point remains; why design a super slim LED TV to only then place the input connectors directly on the rear of the TV.

Are you concerned about wall mounting a TV because there’s not enough space on the wall or the power plug is on the other side? Fear not as we have adjustable pull out full tilt and swivel TV brackets such as IB89B at only £64.99 it’s a bargain! You can pull out the TV, tilt the TV up and down and also swivel it left to right – That solves that then (“,)

We spotted Philips at the Las Vegas show and we were very impressed with the picture quality – Be sure to check out your nearest Philips outlet you’ll be in for a shock!

If you require any further information regarding VESA measurements for your TV or any other TV related question, please visit our FAQ page or give us a call on 07541 081 397.

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