Our Double arm TV Bracket (IB3DAB) has seen a huge bump in sales this Easter weekend

Whilst Britain enjoyed the blue sky’s this easter weekend – the team at Intecbrackets were packaging your very own double arm tilt and swivel TV bracket IB3DAB.

We saw a surge in sales for this extra strong tilt and swivel TV bracket which can only suggest one thing! The public hit high street in large numbers purchasing extra-large TV’s (“,) It’s great to see high street retailers dropping their prices for Easter and we are delighted many of you bought your TV when it was on special offers and then found us through Google!

If you are not a fan of the double arm swivel and tilt TV bracket then you can also look into purchasing the extra strong IB89B TV bracket which is weight rated up to 80KG. This TV bracket is one of our top selling TV brackets and we strongly suggest if you own a 60” LED TV and you would like it to swivel and tilt then this is the one to go for!

If however you would like your TV to mount as close as possible to the wall then we highly recommend the ultra slim IB40-400 TV bracket!

Just a reminder to those browsing our web site – a few new brands and model numbers have been plugged into our database so your Acoustic solutions, Bush, Cello and Finlux TV will now show brackets which are guaranteed to fit your exact TV.

For those customers searching for TV brackets for their kitchen don’t forget to take a look at our highly acclaimed ultra slim swivel and tilt white TV bracket – IB141W, the perfect TV bracket for any kitchen TV.

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