Acoustic Solutions Bush, Cello, Finlux and Toshiba Model may require specialist fittings

We’ve been really busy researching the latest hot stuff to come out this year from the leading TV manufactures; Acoustic Solutions, Bush, Cello, Finlux and Toshiba. Thankfully our research and development team pulled through and got these all important TV model numbers uploaded and assigned to TV brackets on Intecbrackets. So whether it’s a tilting TV bracket, slim TV bracket or a swivel and tilt TV bracket rest assured your purchase will be guaranteed to fit.

You can find your Acoustic Solutions Bush, Cello, Finlux or Toshiba TV using the bracket finder found at the top left hand corner of our Intecbrackets homepage.

As always you may need specialist fittings when mounting a DVD Combi TV onto a TV Bracket, you may purchase one from our specialist fittings section by clicking here. If you have a DVD Combi TV then we recommend purchasing the IB141B; this TV bracket is an adjustable tilt and swivel TV bracket which is weight rated to 25Kg. Perfect for supporting the weight of a built in DVD player and your TV of course (“,)

If you prefer to keep the TV close to the wall and do not require an adjustable tilt and swivel TV bracket then take a look at our amazing IB01-110 – this bracket is one of our best-selling TV brackets, with a weight rating of 15KG its perfect for a 15” to 23” TV.

If you’ve bought a large LED/LCD TV then it’s worth taking a look at our strong IB4B tilting TV bracket. Weight rated to a super strong 80KG your TV will mount comfortably on the IB4B. For the larger rooms which require the TV to be moved from one viewing angel to another – check out the IB89B – a super strong cantilever bracket which tilts and swivels and is weight rated to 80KG.

As always please do get in-touch if and when you have any questions, we are open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday on 07541 081 397.

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