The best TV Bracket for DVD/Combi TVís is the ITB01-112B

The best TV Bracket for DVD/Combi  TV’s is the IB01-112B

Finding the right TV bracket for DVD/TV Combi TVs – especially for Toshiba 19DL502B

First seen countless years ago in the format of good old VHS was and regarded at the time as a bit of a novelty was the idea of a combined TV and video player.  All seemed to make sense on paper as they took up less space and did away with the endless cables and sockets required to join up separate systems.  They sold pretty well but soon the stories of failure with the video started rolling in and in many cases because they were cheaply made and were sold from less reputable brands they quickly lost their appeal and were resigned to dads’ garage or passed off to the local scouts and charity shops.

Fast forward to the invention of the DVD and a whole new generation who laugh at the thought of VHS (let alone Betamax or Philips 2000) but who very quickly adopted DVD and the medium of choice.  Not surprisingly it didn’t take long for the TV manufacturers to start offering combined DVD/TV units and over the last few years this initial trickle of sets has turned into a veritable flood and now smaller sized TVs are increasingly bought with the DVD built in as standard.  As such they are the No1 choice for kids bedrooms, the study and the kitchen too! 

Whether you buy what some regard as a secondary or value brand such as Alba, Bush, or the more recent Digihome to name just 3, there is now a full section of TV/DVD combi sets from a whole host of brands.  They make excellent choices with good reliability and functionality.

We are often asked about wall mounting to fit these sets and very often the question is related to wanting a TV bracket for a Toshiba 19DL502B which is probably the most popular model around right now.  However it is also one of the most awkward to fit as although it is VESA compatible with a standard 75mm x 75mm fitting, invariably you can not fit any bracket to the TV because the DVD unit encroaches into the fitting area.  The same is true of several of the smaller 17” and 19” sets from all the makes.

 Luckily at Intecbrackets we have developed a special fitting kit which allows a standard bracket to fit and if you buy any of our TV brackets to fit this Toshiba 19DL502B we’ll include this extra kit within the price and the bracket is then guaranteed to fit.  The same is true of any of the other brands – if you have a smaller combi set and want to ensure you can get it perfectly installed on the wall we can definitely help. 

So whether you want a simple flat or tilting TV bracket or prefer a full motion cantilever option with tilt and swivel action we have a competitive solution thats fully tested and supported by our lifetime warranty.  Additionally we’ll back this up with our unique price match guarantee and probably the best range of TV brackets in the UK all with free help and advice 7 days a week

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