The perfect DVD shelf for your home only at Intecbrackets

In addtional to your new TV wall bracket how about the perfect DVD shelf which sits beautifully under your wall mounted TV.

As well as the usual DVD and Sky/Virgin box all good homes now also sit alongside a game console, and it doesn’t matter if you have Wii U, Xbox360, PS3 or a retro Atari, Mega drive or NES we have a shelf or stand to suit.

We have single, two and three shelf units alongside a modern range of TV stands to suit most tastes. Our single shelf gives you a neat floating look for your SKY/Virgin, Blu Ray and DVD units. Designed to impress, our single shelf is perfect for those with one unit connected to their TV – for the perfect finish don’t forget to cable tie your wires. With our two shelf and three shelf we have cable tidy systems built into the rear of the unit so all your wires don’t turn into spaghetti lol (“,)

For those who like to go the extra mile – the perfectionist – a beautiful glass tv stand paired with a ultra slim TV bracket such as the IB39-400 is a great match. You can mount your TV just 20mm of the wall and right underneath the TV is your TV stand – The floating affect (“,)

For those who need the adjustable swing arm TV bracketswe have the best-selling top rated IB89B for you! With an amazing 80KG rating this is perfect for mounting your LCD, LED or Plasma TV to the wall.

Looking for a cheap and cheerful tilting bracket which sits straight on the wall and above your TV stand – well the IB4B is the one for you! Again with a super strong 80KG rating this TV is perfect for mounting your LCD, LED and Plasma to the wall.

Remember if in doubt, give us a shout - Call us on 07541 081 397 or send us an email using our contact us page (“,)

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