The perfect bracket for your Panasonic 42 TV The famous IB610B-400

The perfect bracket for your Panasonic 42” TV – The famous IB610B-400

Listen up folks we’ve just been informed Curry’s have slashed their price on the Panasonic VIERA TX-L42E5B LED HD TV by £270!! We got one of our colleagues’ to pop down to our local curry’s store to confirm the TV bracket fitting measurement (“,)

We can confirm the Panasonic TV on sale has a VESA fitting of 400 x 400 which again is perfect for our Swivel & Tilt IB610B-400 TV bracket.

If you don’t require the TV to be pulled out at different angels then why not take a look at our ultra slim flat on the wall IB40-400 TV bracket – this TV bracket will mount your TV completely flat to the wall – with a distance of 20mm and has a super strong weight rating of up to 75KG.

To help you further save on time and money we’ve pulled together a list of TV brackets which will fit your new Panasonic TV perfectly fine to the wall. The refined list ensures all the TV brackets will support the weight of your new TV and any additional swivel or tilt adjustment when fixed to the wall.

As with all LED TV’s they are getting thinner and thinner with every new model. As always we are refining our TV brackets to hold your super slim TV as close as possible to the wall.

With TV’s nowadays becoming a part of the furniture of each room – we mustn’t forget the room which we all spend most of our time in – the kitchen! Our beautiful ITB141W white TV bracket is perfect for the kitchen.

If you’re also thinking about mounting a DVD Combi TV unit into the kids bedroom but don’t want it to take up too much space then the IB141B is the perfect partner. With a weight rating of 25KG and swivel and tilt action.

As always, if in doubt, give us a shout – call us on 07541 081 397 or email us through our contacts us page

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