Specialist Samsung TV Fittings - The perfect bracket - IB40-200 for your New Samsung TV

Following customer requests for information and help on fitting these popular ranges of TVs to the wall, I thought it would be worth covering the topic as there are a few points to be aware of.

Samsung have done a fabulous job over the last 3 years in transforming the brand from good but very much a mid ground player to a real class leader driven by innovation and invention.  Nothing illustrates this more than the switch to LED TVs that’s just about seen off the older LCD format and giving Plasma technology a run for its money too.

Starting with the 2012 line-up which carry the letter E in the model title such as Samsung UE32E5500 and Samsung UE32ES6710 the range splits into two distinct types – the thicker panel EH series and for these pretty much any TV wall bracket will suffice and the thinner more expensive ES models.  These Samsung ES models can be tricky as from 2012 Samsung made two changes which in our opinion hasn’t been helpful when mounting them to the wall. 

Firstly the mounting holes on these Samsung TV's feature a new more recessed screw hole, so you need a longer 25mm M8 mounting bolt.  Fortunately our ranges of TV brackets are available with these fixings – such as the ever popular ITB40B-200 which sets the TV a nice snug 20mm off the wall.

Secondly is the issue of the power and aerial points which are now unhelpfully mounted so they go straight into the rear of the TV and not as previously into the sides or base , therefore unless you are going to bury these into the wall you need extra space at the back of the TV – rather negating the point of a nice slim TV in the first place!  We can resolve this for you in fitting our brackets to these models by supplying an additional spacer kit so you can get the necessary distances but unlike LG and Panasonic and older models of Samsung its not as neat an installation and unusually for Samsung it’s a retrograde step. Lets hope the 2013 range of LED TVs is better thought through in this respect.

An alternative and I think better solution is to use one of the latest slim cantilever swivel and tilt TV brackets which gets the TV nice and close to the wall – under 50mm for our ITB495B model and this allows good cable, socket and aerial connectivity and gives outstanding flexibility of use with a strong, stable and smooth operation through tilting, pulling out and turning.  This is our recommended choice for all Samsung 32” LED TVs and is supplied with all the fittings and fixings so even the awkward models fit and like all Intecbrackets products is backed by our lifetime warranty. 

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