Rip - Off High Street prices

We were out in-store today looking at the new ranges of TVs from Panasonic - some nice design and specifications on the 2012 model ranges and the move to LED to compliment their established dominence in Plamsa screens seems well judged.

However looking at the prices of TV brackets in 3 of the well know stores, I just can't believe how much they are changing  - hundreds of pounds mark up on the bigger brackets and huge margins across the board.  Just don't know who is buying this stuff at such inflated prices, its madness!

Picking a swivel & tilt brackets for popular 32" TVs we offer our very strong and flexible ITB141B brackets at £29.99 yet the same functionality on the high street today ranged from double in a supermarket to nearly 4 times the price in some of the big electrical stores 

Buy online and avoid the high street rip-off!

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